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Sleep-deprivation is NOT a badge of honor.

Sleep is critical for brain function, health, and wellness.


You can both lead and live well.

Neuroscience can provide you with tools to thrive both at work and at home.


Better leaders get better sleep.

Good quality sleep leads to improved memory, emotional processing, and problem solving.

Hi, I'm Jess.


I'm a neuroscientist who studies the sleeping brain and human performance.

I'm a professor who teaches neuroscience and psychology.

I'm a professional speaker who explains the applications of neuroscience research to business audiences.

And I'm a consultant who helps leaders to work with their brains in order to optimize brain function, performance, and leadership effectiveness.

I know how hard it is to perform, lead, and live well when you're sleep-deprived and under constant stress. I'm here to help you understand your brain so you can become a Sleep Leader.

"This is the best management training session I have ever attended. All the advice was based on hard research and proven results."


Leadership Training Participant

"BEST speaker of the day! Her passion for the work was truly evident. Absolutely plan to share her content with my family and my team."


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