If you're a leader, your brain needs to be at the top of its game. 


Are you sleep-deprived and stressed? Then you're not optimizing brain function and performance. 


In Sleep Leadership Academy, you'll learn how to work with your brain - leveraging the neuroscience of sleep to

  • Improve brain health
  • Increase performance
  • Enhance leadership effectiveness


This course will teach you more about sleep and the brain than most people ever learn. You will leave with the tools you need to lead and live well.

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Your Instructor

Jessica D. Payne, PhD is a professor of psychology at Notre Dame. Her research focuses on the psychology and neuroscience of how sleep and stress influence human memory, creativity, and psychological function. She is a professional speaker, consultant, and executive coach.

Course Outline

Live Welcome Party!

Meet Dr. Payne and your fellow Sleep Leadership Academy trainees!

Live Group Q&A

Ask any questions or share insights that came up for you throughout the course (a recording will be available for those unable to join live).

Learn from an Expert

Learn about your brain from an award-winning scientist and professor who also applies this research to organizations.

Get Better Sleep

Discover easily applied, concrete strategies to improve sleep, brain function, and leadership effectiveness.

Create Your Own Plan

Complete the course with an individualized, step-by-step Sleep Leadership Plan you can use right away.

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